Biography of Annabelle Mauger

In 2000, Annabell Mauger discovered Cathédrale d’images in Baux-de-Provence thanks to her partner, Timothée Polad. Founded by his grandparents Albert and Anne Plécy, this historic site was home to the first audiovisual creation in “Image Totale”. As it gained recognition worldwide, Cathédrale d’images presented new immersive exhibitions every year.

As the creator of her own projects, Annabelle has travelled with her shows from Singapore to Las Vegas, always on the lookout for new locations to recreate the grandeur of the Cathédrale d’images. Lyon in particular has hosted several of her exhibitions, in collaboration with the architect Rudy Riccioti, who had a notable influence on her career.

Finding the ideal location for presenting her projects is never an easy task, especially in Paris. In 2017, she was afforded the opportunity to present this exhibition in the unique setting of the Grande Halle de La Villette, which came as the perfect solution following several years of research. There, the elements required for the production of this unique show finally came together: height, space and darkness, all of which allowed for the precious light of the paintings to fully come to life.

From the very first outline of Imagine Van Gogh right up to its full realization, a complete respect for the painted work is present in all of Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron’s work. Though time passes and technology evolves, these advancements ensure above all else the preservation of still works of art.

In 2019, Annabelle and Julien produced a new immersive exhibition, Imagine Picasso, which opened on October 4 in Lyon at La Sucrière.

“What moves me in the work of Vincent Van Gogh is entering into the world of his brushstrokes: short, segmented lines from which emerge a dazzling creative fury, finally giving way to a set of contours that are often curved and profoundly gentle.

There is so much tenderness and sensitivity in Van Gogh’s gesture that begs to be seen. Emotion truly comes alive in the details of his canvases.

I feel completely at home in the world of projected images, it is where I’m in touch with my childhood, full of memories of my grandparent’s movie theatre in Fécamp. There, I would play in the hiding spot between chairs, walk in front of and then behind the roll-up projection screen, tremble in anticipation of the music of Jaws, and wonder why I was strictly forbidden from watching the erotic films on Sunday evenings. In this spectacular medium, I’m not afraid of completely letting go. My work is innate to my being and has always been a part of me. Presenting this exhibition is an absolute joy.